Engineer/Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud Hashem

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director


Studying the real estate market and its needs and ensuring the company's ability to develop in order to be able to compete

The trust and satisfaction of the customer is one of the most important goals, which comes from the strong performance of the company, which reflects its vision and ambitious strategy for growth and expansion in the real estate market.

Keeping pace with the urban development witnessed by Egypt within the framework of the 2030 sustainable development strategy

About Us

Al-Nasr Housing and Development Company is one of the companies affiliated with the Holding Company for Construction and Development, affiliated with the Ministry of Public Business Sector. The ancient history of Al-Nasr Housing and Development Company is based on hard work, excellence, and originality, as well as great experience. Since the beginning of its actual activity, more than fifty years ago, it has been able to confirm its uniqueness. And its ability to achieve huge achievements, and in all its work and activities, it is committed to planning and specialized scientific studies, which has enabled it to achieve a huge number of vital and prominent achievements in management, construction, reconstruction, and land division. The company has since assumed the management and reconstruction of the Mokattam area in 1984, and it spares no effort in order to advance the city and bring it to the next level. The best image, which led the company to work on all development axes And construction, and we mention among them: - Housing projects: In the field of housing, the company has created more than 10,000 housing units in the city of Mokattam, with its various areas starting from 70 meters up to 250 meters, in addition to the commercial stores and garages for residential buildings, and all of these residential complexes are distinguished by wonderful architectural designs and finishes. Luxury. Reconstruction projects: In the field of reconstruction and land divisions in the Mokattam region, the company has prepared more than 4 million square meters of land suitable for dealing with and equipped with all facilities for various activities (residential, commercial, educational, health, places of worship, entertainment, ………), The companys role is not limited to that Its activity is to work in the city of Mokattam only, and the company has projects in many cities and governorates, for example the company’s projects in 6th of October City, New Cairo, Alexandria Governorate, and Greater Cairo. The company is involved in many infrastructure and facilities projects: In the field of utilities, the company has linked the networks of the city of Mokattam to the networks of Greater Cairo’s facilities. It also implemented major water, sanitation, and electricity projects so that the company could complete the reconstruction of all Mokattam plateaus and make it a fully-fledged area. This is in addition to the company’s burden of these activities (electricity, water, roads, sewage) in terms of replacement, renewal, periodic maintenance, and breakdowns. The company also completes the work of securing and protecting edges, securing the roads above and below, and replacing and renewing networks (water, sewage) to prevent any damage. Leaks and to ensure the protection of these edges, according to technical and field studies by the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University and consulting offices specialized in this field. Preparing gardens and green areas: The company reconstructed and equipped gardens on the upper and lower plateaus and the ascending road with a total area of ​​100 thousand square meters as a first stage of the landscaping work, in addition to the directional signs. Road projects: The company carried out Implementing the project to double the ascending road, which is the result of positive and constructive cooperation with the Governor of Cairo and the Islamic Investment Bank. Lighting poles were installed and a rain drainage system was installed, and now the road is safe. The company has implemented and opened several roads as main axes to serve the city of Mokattam and linked it to the ring road, the highway, and Nasr City. The company carries out restoration and repaving of the roads of the three plateaus in Mokattam and the necessary road works to connect the new areas to the main roads. Al-Nasr Housing and Development Company seeks to be among the largest real estate developers by clarifying a new strategy of Through the diversification of its land portfolio throughout the Republic and the diversity of its product units (residential - commercial - administrative - medical - hotel units - educational activities.....etc.) and also reducing costs and increasing revenues to the maximum possible extent, the company seeks to develop the company’s human resources. To keep pace with the challenges and great development witnessed by the labor market in order to achieve all the goals that the company seeks.

Our Vision

Our customers trust is the key to our success. The safety of investment. Global nature development of projects.

Our Mission

We seek to allow the public enterprise sector companies to occupy a prestigious position as the strongest and best real estate development companies in Egypt. work on developing the personal skills of our team members in order to become one of the key players in the real estate market.

Our Value

That El-Nasr Housing and Development Company be the first economic company to bear the sign of first borrowing and one of the five largest real estate developers in the Egyptian market.

Members of the company's board of directors

Engineer/Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud Hashem

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Mr. Engineer/ Amr Abdel Moneim Mostafa Darwish.

Public finance representative of the Holding Company for Construction and Development.

Accountant/Osama Mohamed Al-Naqeeb

Managing Director for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Mr. Abbas Zaki Abdel-Al

A member elected by the employees

Head Office

The administrative building is located in Area C of the Upper Plateau - Plot 26, 17th Street, behind the Misr Insurance Club - Mokattam.